Thank you for purchasing the Recurve Tuning Module!

We’re excited to welcome you to Recurve’s video instructional page. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to get the most out of your new Recurve Module and the Powergate app. In this video, we’ll guide you step-by-step through installation, from plugging in your module to selecting the perfect tune for your 4WD. Whether you want to enhance performance, improve towing capacity, or enjoy an efficient engine, we’ve got you covered. Please download the Powergate app from one of the links below and watch the video to get started on your journey with Recurve.

How to Start

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Installation Steps

  1. Pre-Installation Notes:
    • The Recurve module is also known as Powergate, provided by Alien Tech Australia.
    • Tuning files and support are from Recurve Academy.
  2. Initial Setup:
    • Download the app from the App Store and create your Alien ID account.
    • Connect the Recurve module to your vehicle's diagnostic port.
    • Ensure the module and your smartphone are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Vehicle Selection:
    • Select your vehicle model in the app.
    • Identify the ECU to ensure compatibility.
  4. Battery Check:
    • Ensure the vehicle’s battery is fully charged and less than three years old.
    • Connect a battery charger if necessary.
  5. Connection Check:
    • Ensure all connections between the module and OBD port are secure.
    • Keep the ignition on when prompted by the app.
  6. ECU Verification:
    • Ensure the ECU contains the original stock file and no tuning chips are installed.
  7. Pairing and Initial Connection:
    • Connect the Recurve module to the diagnostic port using the supplied cable.
    • Wait for the LED to turn blue.
    • Pair the module with your smartphone.
    • Enable Bluetooth on your phone.
    • Open the Powergate app and follow the instructions to add the module.
  8. Wi-Fi Connection:
    • Ensure both the module and smartphone are on the same internet network.
    • The LED will turn yellow upon successful connection.
  9. App Configuration:
    • Search for your vehicle by make, fuel type, model, and version.
    • Identify the ECU in the app to ensure compatibility.
  10. Control Unit Reading:
    • Follow the app's prompts to turn the ignition on.
    • The LED will turn red during this step.
    • Initiate the control unit reading.
  11. File Processing:
    • The reading process might take a few hours.
    • The module will be uniquely associated with your vehicle.
  12. Writing Tuning Files:
    • After receiving a notification, proceed to write the modified file.
    • Choose from four tuning options: Power, Towing, Balance, and Stock.
    • Turn the ignition on and tap OK.
  13. Final Steps:
    • Ensure all connections remain secure.
    • The LED will turn green upon completion.
    • Turn the ignition off and tap OK.
    • Ensure all logs are sent before closing the app.
    • Disconnect the Recurve module and enjoy the new driving experience.
  14. Support:
    • For challenging steps, installation services are available at the Brisbane workshop.
    • Contact for appointments.

Disclaimer Information

Please be aware of the following guidelines and warnings when using the Recurve ECU tuning module:

1. Battery Requirements: Before initiating read or write operations with the Recurve module, ensure the vehicle’s battery is fully charged. If your battery is older than three years, we strongly recommend having it tested and checked by a professional to ensure its reliability during the tuning process.
2. Electrical Loads: Turn off all unnecessary electrical loads such as headlights, rear window demister, and the heater or air conditioner fan. This reduces the risk of power variations impacting the module’s operation.
3. Connection Integrity: Ensure the connections between the Recurve module and the vehicle’s OBD2 port are firm and secure. A loose connection can lead to data transfer errors.
4. Risk of ECU Damage: Be aware that any interruption during the ECU writing process, such as the battery discharging or the module disconnecting, can cause irreversible damage to the vehicle’s ECU. Such damage is not covered under warranty.
5. Resetting the Module: You must reload the original vehicle file to reset the Recurve module’s default state. This action will “unlock” the module, enabling further modifications or a return to standard settings.
6. Vehicle Servicing: Before taking your vehicle to an authorised dealer for servicing, reload the original software file. We advise against agreeing to any software updates offered during the service, as these will overwrite any modifications made and reset the ECU to factory settings.
7. Consequences of Software Updates: If your vehicle receives a software update after loading a mod file, you cannot reset the Recurve module, rendering it unusable. Additionally, please note that the Recurve unit will need replacement at your expense since our warranty does not cover this.
8. Recovery and Charges: Should a software update occur with the stock file loaded, you must erase the module and start with new modifications. Please be aware that this process will incur a fee.
By following these instructions carefully, you can ensure a successful modification of your vehicle’s ECU with the Recurve tuning module. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please get in touch with our support team.